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Really good video.
It really captures almost all online video gamer stereotypes out there.

Not bad

Not bad. One of the better madness movies i have seen.

What is the soundtrack?

Taserxx responds:

jackal queenston - renard

On the mooooon

The movie was really fun and entertaining. The characters where also really well done, the first 2 ponies kind of destroyed it for me. I know they where meant to look like that, but it just didn't do it for me. I think it would've been better if they where as good as the princes and the moon pony.

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How dare you kill my waifu. Great game though. Although I wish you didn't have to manually respawn her everytime.

Controls are way too clunky. Feels like a slog to turn and I've found myself often getting killed due to not being able to turn fast enough.

All the different guns are nice. But 8 is way too few levels. Having very inaccurate guns that complete miss the targets heads even though they have fully upgraded accuracy and the crosshair is right in the center of the head is very annoying. Having an rng system like that in place basically makes the leaderboards a list of who got the luckiest.
Targets bodies also often become impossible to hit if they fall to the floor.
The large amount of ads in the game is also a killer. Especially when they bug out and don't go away, so you're stuck with an ad covering up half of the bottom of the screen.

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Really awesome song!
And thank you so much for making a full version.


I have no idea what I just heard. But I liked it none the less. Really awesome!


Another great ocarina song from you. Keep up the good work.

Ocarina-Kid responds:

Thanks dude, you're far too kind.

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Some of the most adorable artwork I've seen recently.

I love it! Looks amazing

Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see more from you.

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